Sneaker Mashups and the Art of @filfury

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“I hate sneakers getting old and tired. My art acts as a way of preserving them,” say UK graphic artist and director Phil Robson, aka “Fury” (@filfury).

Using his own photographs and some Photoshop ingenuity, Fury creates digital sneaker mashups of things like insects, bats, skulls and moths. To create a butterfly from a pair of Nike Air Max 93s, Phil plays off the sneaker’s various textures. “I love the shoe’s paneling, the soft curves of the upper and the harsh rubber chiseled sole. The two surfaces contrast, and makes me think about a before and after, like the soft wings of a butterfly have come from the hard casing on the cocooned sole.”

Fury is especially drawn to objects that have bold forms, symmetry, and sharp angles. “I love taking the recognizable textures from my favorite shoes and making a new form with them,” he says. “I guess it was a natural progression for me to mix my passions.”

His digital artwork shared on Instagram began as a passion project but is now developing into some real life sculpture interpretations. “Next level for me,” Fury says, “would be to direct an animated piece based off my mashup stylings. I’m just waiting for the brief.”




Takoyaki(Octopus dumpings)

Takoyaki is one of flour dishes and Japanese food “WASHOKU” that put the octopus in the flour which is dough and were roasted in the shape of a ball(about 5 cm in diameter).

It is said that Osaka is the birthplace of Takoyaki. It is general to eat Takoyaki as a snack or food which is eaten between meals.

Takoyaki is loved by Japanese people, so that there is a cooking appliance only for Takoyaki that is used at home in Japan.

Photo Source by “flickr”



Sukiyaki which is known as a representative of the Japanese food !

Sukiyaki is Japanese food “WASHOKU” which cooks beef which is sliced thinly, vegetable and Tofu with stock mixed with soy sauce, sugar, sake, and the like.

In eating Sukiyaki, you can eat it with beaten egg.

The recipe vary according to the region. So, how about you eat Sukiyaki in the visited region ?

Photo Source by “flickr”